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Don’t be no fool. Monday (April 1, 2021) @ New Orleans Healing Center/Cafe Istanbul (7pm CST), hosted by Bill Lavender and Megan Burns. Some of us will gather together. &. Celebrate. Kick off a festival and new publication: I Am New Orleans. 36 poets feasting on the signature work from the Christian corpus. My man, Marcus Christian. A comprehensive poetic compendium, defining being (and missing) New Orleans.

Young scribe Skye Jackson will weave us deep into the tapestry of 21st-century Crescent City. Tender. Terrifying. Real. Imagined. Bayou and river mapped. Canal and lake surrounded. Sounds and sensibilities. Old head Kalamu ya Salaam will drop some verbal morsels. Both complementing and contrasting with Skye, and the overall celestial sound of poetry based on ancestral work plus as yet unrealized imaginations.

Come. Find out what it all means. . . 



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