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I was going to start with Sheku. After all he had been featured at the Royal Wedding and was probably the best known internationally. But as I got deeper into checking him out, I found out he was but one of seven siblings. Seven! And they all played music. Not just music in general, but rather, classical music in particular.

What were the chances of that happening? Such a family force. I quickly realized the most important story in the immediate sense was not the accomplishments of the children but rather who were the parents. What was their story?

After searching for them and listening to them reveal their backgrounds, I realized they are where the heart of the story.

Listen to Kadiatu and Stuart Kenneh-Mason deliver wisdom. Here is not just one inspiring story but also a second interview that makes clear the whole family is not simply some accident of nature.

The parents were clear in raising the children. The children are clear in inter-relating with each other and the world. There is so much beauty here, so much focused inspiration.

Enjoy. And not just enjoy, but also learn and be inspired by the Kenneh-Mason family story.



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