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This New Talib Kweli video
is the Fucking Realest Truth

This new Talib Kweli video is the Fucking Realest Truth. Oh. Did I just say that? Well I needed to say that twice, because that’s just how fucking real it is. Remaining Independent for most of his rap carreer has allowed Talib to become a master of his craft, which evolves with every step he takes.     No fat cats were able to come through and change the mold Kweli created for himself.  Ya man is way to dedicated to being the best version of himself he can be and because of that everything he does is authentic.

If you are wondering what video inspired such a rant, I re-introduce the “Hamster Wheel”. If you’re familiar with Talib, you know he does an immaculate job of placing the everyday struggle under a new light. He’s showed you the struggling perspective of those oppressedthe Black Girl who holds the weight of the world and the hustlin’ Niggas just trying to make it. Yes, Talib Kweli’s latest drop from his Prisoner of Conscience project combined all three elements of the previous struggle and created a new masterpiece.

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