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Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference VII

October 22-24, 2014, Fort Worth, TX

— Call for Papers (deadline: June 20, 2014)


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The 2014 Race, Ethnicity and Place Conference VII will be held October 22-24, 2014, in Fort Worth, Texas. The conference’s sponsors are pleased to announce a call for papers.

The Program Committee welcomes paper presentations on any theme related to race/ethnicity and place. Geographic perspectives are welcomed from a variety of disciplines and from professionals and students involved in race/ethnicity studies. Instructions for participants appear below. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please send an email

Deadline June 20, 2014

Everyone interested in presenting a paper or poster at this Conference must submit an abstract. Abstracts must not exceed 200 words and must be submitted online through the link below. The Conference registration fee must be paid within 10 days of receipt of acceptance of the abstract by the Program Committee and may be paid online via Pay Pal.

The abstract should describe the purpose, methods, and conclusions of the presentation. Use the active voice and transmit your research results clearly and concisely. Avoid jargon.

Please adhere to the following format instructions for the body of the abstract:

Maximum length is 200 words.
Use font size 12 and Times Roman type.
Do not use abbreviations.
Do not use underlining, boldface type, italics, subscripts, or superscripts.
Do not include any codes for justification, hyphenation, line height, line centering, margins, spacing, fonts, page centering, page numbering, suppression, or tabs, in the abstract.
Do not use bulleted lists.
Include keywords at the end of your abstract.

Abstracts will not be edited; authors are responsible for avoiding spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. Submission of abstracts grants permission for the Conference sponsors to include them in any compilation and advertising associated with this Conference and permission to disseminate them electronically.

Keywords may be compound (such as ethnic geography). Keywords generally should be nouns not adjectives or adverbs. Do not use abbreviations. In selecting keywords, authors should consider its desired placement in a paper session.

If the presentation is about the use of color cartography in the portrayal of racial patterns, appropriate keywords might include “cartography-color.” Under no circumstances should a comma be used within a keyword.

In referring to a systematic subfield, do not use the word “geography.” Use “economic geography” as the keyword and not “economic.”

If you have a choice between the plural and singular form, use the plural. If your keyword could be “race” or “races,” use “races.”

The registration fee must be paid by all participating authors who respond to this call for papers and who receive an acceptance.

Do not pay the registration fee if your registration will be paid by a sponsoring partner, sponsor or co-sponsor. Double check this first.

Registration fees guarantee your place on the program and are non-refundable.

Additional Contact:

John W. Frazier, Binghamton University (