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Nnenna been singing for what seems like a lifetime. Was smitten, totally in love with her sound when she released Tales Of Wonder, a 2002 interpretation of Stevie Wonder music. Between her self-titled debut in 1992 and Homefree in 2010, she released a plethora of beautiful recordings. Then there was a long hiatus before the appearance of Time Traveler in 2021, an aptly named new release.

If we live, the future catches up with us. After a long and fruitful spousal union, after bearing and raising progeny, after a touring and recording career, after all those years that wily rascal called death creeps up on us and makes off with loved ones. Neena calmly holds forth on the travails of dealing with the demise and disappearances of departed loved ones. 

Nnenna is a home-grown, down home philosopher whose wisdom is distilled from over sixty years of living, and especially the forty years of marriage to an encouraging and hard-working husband. Phil Freelon was the lead architect for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History & Culture.

He designed buildings and institutions of glass, concrete, steel, stone, and wood; she worked with song and sound. What a wonder-filled couple they were. Thanks to a catalogue of inspiring music, their union continues to vibrate in the universe.




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