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If you go to to you will now find a new landing page featuring six videos, one-click access to my blog, four albums of music and six books.

The videos are work I did while teaching at Students At The Center with the help of my students as crew and talent. They range from four documentaries to two dramatic movies. They are:
The Harp: It’s Magic!
Jackie Seal
Baby Love
He’s on His Way: A Second Line for Norman Dixon Sr.
When Love Hurts
Who’s Pedro?

I regularly blog two or three times a week focusing on a wide variety of subject matters including annoucements of presentations and poetry readings.

The four albums of music range from my initial offering My Story, My Song, to Munich Music, studio work and concert performances in Munich, Germany; Lonely Woman duets with pianist Courtney Bryant; and Catfish and Yellow Grits.

Six books of both anthologies as well collections of essays and poetry: Be About Beauty; The Magic of Juju; New Orleans Griot; What Is Life; Cosmic Deputy and I Am New Orleans.


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