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At one time or another, many of us–indeed, probably most of us–have had an experience that was, in the immortal words of soul singer Al Green, was “simply beautiful”.

Here are six versions of an R&B classic. You may not recognize all of the artists but I bet you can relate to the sentiments they so sensitively express. Keziah Jones is from Nigeria; Ben L’Oncle is from France; Whirimako Black is of the Maori people in New Zealand; the others are born and reared in the USA. Obviously, they are deeply influenced by, if not outright purveyors of, classic and contemporary R&B.

Queen Latifah w/Al Green


Jose James


Leela James


Keziah Jones & Ben L’Oncle


Whirimako Black


Al Green


And don’t no more than that need to be said.





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