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Most of us–perhaps even a large majority of us–do not really know our own history. But. It’s not our fault. We were reared within a dominant culture that intentionally subverts and hides our history of resistance to domination.

While most of us are very aware of the civil rights struggle–going against the fire hoses, the Jim Crow laws, residential segregation, and many other examples of daily repression in the fifties and sixties. But, our history of resistance to oppression goes back to the beginnings of this nation.

On the one hand, our struggles have made this country a truly “more perfect union”. But, on the other hand, there is a too often overlooked history of resistance:¬†Florida. The entire gulf coast. Pitched battles with the army.

And guess what. We were not summarily put down. In alliance with indigenous partners, we held our own. The so-called Seminole Wars are a story we should all know and celebrate.

Although we may not recognize this resistance when we first encounter it, the truth is, this example of self-determination is a major example of what our history contains. Read about our valiant story. Read, not just to know our past, but to affirm who we are and can become as we continue to struggle to build a better life for ourselves and our progeny.





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