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Retired Marine general, and former secretary of defense, James Mattis spoke out via an essay published in The Atlantic magazine. After resigning from the Trump administration in December 2018, Mattis, the legendary “Mad Dog” Marine general, has written an astounding statement that specifically ¬†includes a stinging and unprecedented denunciation of some of the recent 2020 decisions, declarations, and actions of President Trump.

Some commentators call the Mattis precis a major inflection point, a few say–or perhaps more accurately–a significant and vocal cohort hope that this marks the beginning of the end of the reign of a president who is up for re-election in November. While the election is less than a full six months away and many have already unalterably made up their minds, the more important question is what will happen between now and then. Will thousands still be in the streets? Will the virus significantly diminish? Will the national economy rebound?

So many critical questions. There are a multitude of individual political, health and economic questions each of us will have to confront, and hopefully overcome.

Getting to election day over this next half year of social activity will be a hell of a trek. There is a lot to think about. A lot that a lot of people will be forced to do.

Stay tuned.

Better yet, get involved. And at the very least, vote!

Vote your hopes. Vote your convictions. Whatever your views. Whatever else you do. Vote.



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