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Fire & Ice, smoking and steaming. This combo is a dream. Except most of us would never have thought of merging them as a stirring collaboration, yet, here it is.


No sense in trying to describe the result when you can listen to the aural rapture for yourself. Dig. This soundtrack is on a whole other level. Different generations, different sensibilities, indeed, different sounds. Nina deadly, bittersweet, no jive. Lauryn youthful, joyful, optimistic. Together they will make you smile, laugh, jump up and dance. How deep do you want to go? How deep are you capable of diving? Jump in.


This is no mere audio engineering gimmick. Naw. This is a rare example of sublime conception expertly realized. But let your ears decide. Just expect to be surprised, delighted.

Go here:

Your spirit will thank you.



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