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Her music moves me. Soothing. She calls much of her sounds “lullabies for adults”. Her career has been stellar, starting with winning a Portuguese song contest when she was in her middle teens.

She went on to record a gospel album and then had her first pop hit with “Mi Ma Bo” (You And Me).

Her biggest international hit was the song “Balance” that featured a variety of dancers in different styles.

Shortly thereafter Sara shared a box set of a 13-part DVD and a 2-CD box set plus miscellaneous material. Currently unavailable, I was fortunate to secure a set when it was first released. It is a beautiful collection of her mid-career work.

After a short hospital stay, I was looking up Sara’s work while I was home recuperating. I was stunned to see both her birth and her death date were listed. Couldn’t be. There must have been a mistake. Sara Tavares was only 45 years-old.

But it was true. A brain aneurysm had laid her low. I knew she had been ill but had not realized how ill.

Viva Sara Tavares!