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foto by Eric Waters

When I die
I want to be everywhere
And nowhere
Previously unknown but always rediscovered
A sliver of sunlight at each new dawn
A fading, glowing ember at each exhausted nightfall
When I die
Let the cooing of turtle doves
Be both the soundtrack of my arrival
As well as the departing train’s moan, whistleling
The sounding that I am gone

What is there to say
I am a faded away taste
On the lips of joy, the moment
Of brief but unforgettable exhilaration lovers know
When they carnally come together
The rainbow memory that disappears but
Is always there, coloring each emerging emotion
Of the inextinguishable love humans can have
For each other, for rewarding toil
In the fields of our lives as we cry
Joy tears that announce both our arrivals
And departures, we are an ancient future
A dying albeit recurring eternal moment of fecundity
That will always blossom regardless
Of the ashy finality of death

Let our laughters echo
Throughout the centuries of non-existence
There is no need for pity, although we never last
We are always here
Wine on the breadth of every final gasp,
Every grave in reality, just another beautiful
Plot of resurrection, an eternal
Hello and goodbye!