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In South Africa, house music is massive, especially the musical stylings of the man known as “Black Coffee”. He is internationally celebrated as a DJ and producer. Over the past decade, I have featured bra Coffee a number of times, especially his humongous Africa Rising stadium show that included a full string orchestra.

South Africa is his home but he is lionized worldwide for his stunning, live DJ sets, routinely attended by thousands. Fans be screaming, dancing, sweating, exhilarated. But none of that is what this post is about. This is African music conscious of itself.

This is a live Tiny Desk concert. House music is overwhelmingly electronic and studio produced but this is acoustic. The musicians are live. The music is live.

The ensemble is not only live, they are also joyfully interacting with each other. Black Coffee with his mixing rig and a microphone is a maestro directing his amigos through a sizzling program of music.

As much as I appreciate Black Coffee’s entire oeuvre, this stunning, fun-filled, in person presentation is iconic. Black Coffee at his best. Sweet.



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