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© Arjun Choudhuri

© Arjun Choudhuri

Call For Submissions, December 2014:  

No Man’s Land.

Deadline: 20th October , 2014



The Four Quarters Magazine is a magazine for literary writing in most of its aspects. For the time being, we shall consider only the following genres for publication:

ESSAYS (RESEARCH/ PROSE/ PHOTOGRAPHY): Research articles and essays on the themes advertised for each issue on our website is what we shall be looking for in this segment. The upper word limit for this segment is 4000 words for prose essays, and five hundred for photo essays with a minimum of five photographs. If you are using someone else’s photographs in your photo essay then please make sure you attach a no objection statement from the original copyright owner for the photographs in your submission. In case of public domain inclusions, please include all necessary web and/or bibliographic information. Extracts from unpublished books, or soon-to-be-published books shall not be considered for inclusion in this section. In case of research articles and essays, a works cited/ references section must accompany the essay/ article in question. References must be formatted using the latest MLA citation manual (MLA 7th Edition). Please include only endnotes. Footnotes will not be entertained.

Guidelines related to size, format and resolution of Photography submissions are discussed under the ARTWORK/ PHOTOGRAPHY section.

FICTION (PROSE/ POETRY): The upper word limit for this section is 3000 words. There is no lower word limit as such, but a minimum of 100 words is something we would like to see in the submissions for this section. We are not considering visual fiction for publication yet, only visual poetry. For that, please see the poetry submission guidelines.  Extracts from only upcoming publications will be considered for inclusion in the magazine. Please do not send us extracts from incomplete and unpublished works. The upper word limit for extracts shall be negotiable till 4000 words, but we would prefer that you retain the length to 3000 words.

POETRY (VISUAL/ WRITTEN): Submit up to five pages of original poetry in Times New Roman, 12pt; single line spacing. For visual poems, a minimum of one visual and a maximum of three shall be considered. Extracts from unpublished books shall be considered, as well as extracts from soon-to-be-published ones. However, if the publication date of the book coincides with the publication date of the magazine, then we will not consider including the extract in question. This holds true only for poetry manuscripts. Poems should adhere to the theme of the current issue. Note: poems that have been translated into English shall be considered for the Translation Section.

ARTWORK/ PHOTOGRAPHY: A selection of 8 – 15 images from a single body of work attributing to the issue theme should be submitted.  The submitted work must be unpublished and not available in the public domain such as Facebook/ Twitter/ Blog/ Instagram etc.

Format : JPEG only.
Size : less than 2 mb.
Resolution :  800 pixels or higher.
Dimensions : Nothing specific, though it is desired that you send pictures with similar dimensions.

BOOK REVIEWS/ REVIEW ESSAYS: The upper-lower word limit for book reviews will be 2000-500 words. Books that have been reviewed must have been published by a publisher with a standard copyright licence. ISBN numbers are not an essential for book reviews, though they are desirable. Reviews of self published books are welcome as well. In case of review essays, a maximum of three books may be included. The upper-lower word limit for review essays will be 2000-500 words.

TRANSLATION WORK: In case of translations, we will not accept any responsibility for acquiring original authors’ permissions [in case the work is not out of copyright restrictions as per The Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012, Government of India]. For translated prose, there is no fixed word limit. For translated poetry, we shall not consider more than five poems and less than three poems for publication. References and notes by the translator must be included in the same file as the translated text that is being submitted for consideration.



We are not interested in pornography, racial slurs, political mudslinging, hell-fire-brimstone or pontificating, ‘inspirational’, preachy stories in any form or genre.

We also ask that the author should not post their accepted work anywhere on the internet, or in print, for a minimum of thirty days after its appearance in our digital/ print issue. After this period, all rights revert back to the writer but we ask that you acknowledge the magazine in any subsequent printing of the material published here, be that on the Web or in hard copy.

Please note that we are also asking for one year archiving and anthology rights. Anthology rights are secondary, meaning that the author may sell his or her work to any other anthology market providing that 30 days have passed after the publication with our magazine. For your information, The Four Quarters Magazine DOES NOT pay for published work. We are a non-profit enterprise and plan to stay that way. There also are no contracts signed between the authors and the magazine. The acquiescence and non-plagiarism declaration sent in with the submissions will be treated as the contract in case the work is accepted for publication.

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submissions’ compliance with all of the following items. Submissions that do not adhere to these following guidelines will not be responded to or considered for inclusion in the peer review at all.

The submission has not been previously published; it is not in the public domain; nor has it been submitted to another journal or publisher for consideration. This is important. We will NOT accept future submissions from anyone if this sort of clash of interest occurs even a single time.

  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word document file format. RTF or other formats are not accepted
  • Please enclose a 2-3 line third-person bio note without fail in the same file as the submitted work. We would like to know specifically about whom we are dealing with. We will not consider an anonymous submission. A snail mail address or at least a post box number must be included in the bio note.
  • The text is single-spaced; uses a Times New Roman 12-point font; employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses).
  • Please include references/ works cited/ bibliographies in the same file as the submitted work.
  • Each submission must be accompanied by a disclaimer by the author stating that the work submitted by them is ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED and that it has not been submitted elsewhere for consideration. This will be treated as the contract in case your work is accepted for publication. In that case, please also include a statement that you have assigned us permission to publish your work in our magazine.

Our target is to reply as soon as possible. The maximum period of time between your submission and our response will be four to five months. Please allow that much time to elapse before you send us an enquiry. Our preliminary response will be about your work being received by us. If we include your work in the peer review, then we will inform you accordingly. If, however, a month has elapsed after the first response and you haven’t received any secondary response, then please understand that we have not included your work in the peer review and that it will not be considered for publication. These guidelines have been created to make the editors’ lives easier and our replies to you faster. So please do follow them. We will NOT respond to any submission that does not deal with all of these guidelines.

All submissions should be made at our submission email inbox We will NOT consider any other forms of submission. Please mail your work with the subject line: “genre-Issue month, Issue year- your name”, for example, Poetry- August, 2012- Andrew Watts. Please DO NOTmail your submissions at or any other email address mentioned elsewhere. The address, should only be used for general query. In such a case, please use the the word “Query” in the subject line.