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August 1, 2013





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Black Noise

Black Noise have been around the block more then once, by this point. South Africa’s oldest rap crew, the group formed in Cape Town in the late 80′s and have been a mainstay of the scene since. Best of all, Black Noise has led the charge on socially conscience hip-hop in South Africa, with core member Emile YX? using his high profile to launch community and arts oriented programs like Heal The Hood. Now the crew has returned with their new track and video, “Black Is Back”.

The title is no lie with this one. Everything about “Black Is Back” is soaked in a heavy retro vibe, from the Philly Sound-esque samples to the roller shaking sequences in the video. Nikkie Sameul’s hook is fresh, the video’s fun, and it’s a sound for sore ears to hear a new track from South African’s first rap crew. Apparently, the group plans to release a number of tracks with younger collaborators, so keep checking in for more news Black Noise!