My name is Ellyn (@skoltinctures).

I am working with Maria Andazola (@lagrenuda), former co-editor of the Trans Latina Anthology, and Jamie (@desdeotromar), current co-editor, to put together an anthology of fiction writing by trans women of color and people of color who experience transmisogyny. We’re currently looking for contributing writers to submit their work.

We understand that many people who are interested may be new to writing, unsure of themselves, or only have partially completed work, and as such we are committed to working with writers to assist them in developing their stories. If your work is incomplete or unpolished, we will do what we can to help you edit it.

We would also like to encourage submissions of stories or excerpts of longer fiction that has been self-published or posted to a personal blog, as long as it hasn’t been otherwise published in a magazine/journal/book before. This is because we are also aware that there are many writers who have completed work, but have been unable to find a publisher.

The submission deadline will be July 1st.  We will try to be flexible about submissions sent after the deadline, but our ability to respond to these submissions will depend on the number of works sent to us during our reading period.

Once submissions are closed, we will take three weeks to edit the stories and format the book; and we will publish digital copies of this anthology by the end of July.

In terms of payment, royalties from sales of the book will be divided evenly between the designer, editors, and contributing writers each month.

[Summary: Seeking fiction writing by Trans women of color and dmab non-cis people of color for anthology. Deadline July 1. Keep reading for guidelines.]


There is no theme for this anthology, and as such you are free to submit any kind of story in any genre.  Furthermore, the structure of your story may be as unconventional as you like, whether it be lyrical, poetic, experimental, or code-switching.  

Your characters are not required to be a person of color or trans, nor is your story required to explore race or transness, or the intersection of these identities.

Please note that while you may write a story on any subject we do require appropriate trigger warnings if your story includes violence, sexual assault, unreality, and similar subjects. 


In order to submit you must be a dmab person who is a person of color (non-white):

  • trans woman
  • nonbinary person
  • bakla
  • muxe
  • Two-Spirit person
  • or any other kind of non-cis person

However, we will give preference to Black/Afro-descendant and Native/Indigenous writers, based on their disproportionate absence and exclusion from trans fiction in general.  

Currently (05/27/15) submissions can be in English, Spanish, or Calo/Spanglish, but if an editor joins us who reads and writes another language we will accept submissions in that language as well.

Guidelines for writers are:

  • Short stories or excerpts between 1,000 and 7,500 words, but that’s not a strict limit
  • Flash/micro fiction (fiction about 100 – 1000 words) can be submitted – as longas the stories add up  within 1,000 and 7,500 words.
  • Please notify us of the extent of editing that you would like, including whether you want help in developing your story
  • Please notify us if your story is incomplete and you want help in completing it
  • Please submit your story as an attachment, with a short biography, a brief description of the story, and any necessary trigger warnings in the body of your email.

Our email address is, and you can send your submissions, and any questions you might have, to us there.