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Early, early in her career, Afro-German (father from South Africa, mother from Germany), vocalist Joy Denalane cut a track in a samba-modified reggae stylee, however, she never returned to that specific genre, instead choosing to go a full out soul music route, singing in both English and German. 

Her 2002 debut album, Mamani, was what totally grabbed my attention. It featured her as one of a quartet of women on a cover of Nina’s “Four Women” and I wanted to know more. That’s how I got to Torch Of Freedom, which came out in 2003 and was followed by one drop remixes.

The song is almost twenty years old now but still sounds like she is singing about conditions today. Joy reminds us, we all need to let our little lights shine–and if we all do, our individual little lights can become a collective big fire, a torch of freedom!




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