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My man “Stan The Man” (Stanley Taylor) hipped me to this ebonic-ly rendered “pas de deus”. I had planned–well, not really planned, more like I had idly thought about something else–when this ship sailed into port. Being somewhat aware, like anyone in the know does, I shook the tiller and tacked in a different direction when the winds of chance (or is it winds of ‘change’) blew beauty my way.

Check this March 29, 1972 production featuring an eight-piece jazz ensemble led by composer-saxophonist Lucky Thompson. This is much more than merely a hip television show from back in the day.

The elegance. Refined, and yet, relaxed. The lean (look at Ossie, on the set, his legs crossed, wryly, even slyly, regarding the straight-up posture of his stunningly serious/seriously stunning consort). The articulation (Ruby makes you wish there were more letters in the alphabet so you could hear her recite them). This cultured couple who personified what we wish for when we wish for love.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold a miracle: Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee reciting a program of poetry by one of my hometown heroes, Bob Kaufman. Need we say more?





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