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my Sun

my Sun

my shine

my song

my smile

my reminder to be myself

for over two years we had been struggling


to hold back death

but the inevitable caught us

on a Fri

day as i sat

looking at she

take her last breath

right there

was i, a mere

inches away, a gasp

and then silence, stillness

my sun



Beaula “Nia” Mae Richard McCoy, born 18 May 1947, my wife since 1997, crossed over into the afterlife on February 28, 2020 following a long illness. So far I am functional but it is not without bumps. No smooth sailing. I will navigate, as must all of us, each of us, must face the music of extinction. Nevertheless, whether easy or hard, expected or sudden, unannounced, the cost of coming into this world is inevitably leaving it behind.

No arrangements yet, will post an announcement when we know.

Be well. Carry on.




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  1. Ama R. Saran #
    March 1, 2020

    Beloved Kalamu who named our daughter Imani in the wondrous days of Free Southern Theater perhaps for now the sun has died down but dear one your heart’s sun,Nia is eternally enfolded within the forever embrace of your heart. As always you remain on my altar.

  2. Erlinda Weathersby #
    March 2, 2020

    My deepest condolences. This wonder person, Beaula McCoy, was a pleasure to know and work with. Beaula was a shoulder for me to cry on when things became difficult for me as a full time nursing student at Dillard University, a wife and working full time with no car at VA radiology department. She gave me peace of mind with her calm voice and her on point advice along with her peaceful spirit. Between her and Cecilia, my friends, my sisters, my support systems and mentors, I am heartbroken to know she has transitioned to her glorious place in heaven. I will continue to praise her and her memory for helping me to stay focused, positive and always moving forward. I wish peace and blessings to you and your family🙏🏽🌹⚜️

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