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Sometimes, for no particular reason, I think of people I have met during my sojourns thru this world. Bra Hugh is one of the great joys. We met a number of times, one memorable occasion was in the Caribbean nation of St. Lucia. We were at a festival. A long weekend if I remember correctly. I was producing a band from New Orleans and some kind of way Hugh and I ended up talking about everything and nothing. Just talking. And laughing. And enjoying the ambience of the scene. 

I have always thought of Masekela as one of the leading musicians of all time. He had a vivacious sense of humor as well as a deep love of African people worldwide. Before I go off reminiscing about his Los Angeles tales of being fitter than fit because they rode around on bicycles when he lived in Los Angeles. . . I’m going to have to do a Hugh Masekela special, but for now just enjoy this concert in New York.




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