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If we be wise we look, we listen, we learn and, through distilling various experiences, we mature and come to appreciate both the width of life in the world and how narrow our personal experiences are. I have been blessed to walk the great wall of China, marvel at the beautiful waters of Zanzibar, stride atop the Citadel in Haiti, dance in a plaza in Cuba, be mesmerized by Carnival practice in Rio, wander the maze of London streets, run up a mountain side in South Korea, and so forth. I’ve seen a few things and thereby have learned to embrace the fullness of life.

Thus, it is no surprise that although I might be a Coltrane freak at heart, I dig and relate to all kinds of African heritage musics. No doubt, Bob Marley and reggae hold a favorite spot in my ear, and by extension the music of his children strike some responsive chords. Although I was not particularly smitten by any one of them. Stephen’s sound was close to what I vibe on but I recognized Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley as probably the biggest hit-maker of the brood.

So, I do not have specific plans for any of the writings I share. One thing tends to lead to another. So, I was looking at some Joy Denalane, and wind up at Jr. Gong. So, I have learned to accept what comes to me and honestly share whatever.

Hence, we have this Jr. Gong stuff. And was delighted to find a good interview in which he speaks deeply about his life and music. And mate that with three or four tracks from recent music. Thus, we have reasonings with a distant relative.

When I heard him, my mind immediately flashed to walking around Trenchtown in Jamaica. Give a listen, this is a fascinating interview.




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