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Think about it, whatever the “it” is you’re focused on.

London-based brother Samm Henshaw dropped this little something-something on us. Forget the bag of chips, we are going to “Church”. Samm’s song got us all dancing, whether non-believers or true followers, we be getting down with this one.

On one level, there is a literal meaning. It’s Sunday morning, time to go to a house of worship. That is specifically a Christian message. But on another level the house of worship is symbolically the place of fellowship, of community, as well as the site of spiritual rejuvenation and instruction.

And yet deeper than deep, “wake up” could mean to become aware; and church, well, replace that word with “work” and then it means not a specific place but rather a productive activity. Moreover, work does not have to be limited to labor in exchange for a paycheck in a capitalist system. Work could mean struggle for self-determination, self-defense, and self-respect, i.e. “power” in the human social sense, which, on a progressive level, refers not just to the general human condition, but also to specific sub-divisions, especially gender defined foci (feminine, LGBTQ+) and beyond that, work could be about development along with/among social categories such as immigrant, youth, disabled, elderly, and refugees seeking asylum. The song works on so many different levels. Think about it; don’t just dance to it.

Plus, as some welcomed lagniappe, in addition to the original, here are remixes and live versions, with an extra-bonus track that spells out the lyrics.




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