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Whatever. Enables us to carry on even when we don’t feel like going. No where. No how. Or conversely feeling good, walking along and singing no particular song, just a little something something we made up, a hum, a whistle, a whisper, a shout. Just something.

Why we be like that? Who knows for sure? Just sure we give thanks for the music in us, eternally coming out.

Here’s a collection of cover pieces. Yeah, I know. The originals was the jams, and most times covers be but pale imitations. I ain’t maintaining these are better than the songs’ debut appearances, just saying, sometimes, especially when no one else is looking, or only a certain special someone is near by, or, hell, we could be standing in some line somewhere, and the melody just tumble out across our lips, and whomsoever be around, we don’t care. 

I got a song in my heart and I just got to let it out.

You know what I mean. (That’s a declaration, not a question.)




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