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sandra bland

Sandra Bland

Speaks Truth in Video

Before Her Suspicious

Death In Texas Jail

Questions abound about Bland’s death
in custody after her rough,
videotaped arrest.
Photo Credit: Sandra Bland via Facebook

Photo Credit: Sandra Bland via Facebook

In April, Sandra Bland, the woman who recently died under suspicious circumstances in a Waller County, Texas jail, posted a video to facebook. In it, the young woman directly speaks to the “white people” who are intent on posting “All Lives Matter” in response to her posting #BlackLivesMatter on her page. She patiently explains why this is incorrect thinking, and why they will be deleted and unfriended. 

“Tell me one time in history when all lives mattered,” she said.

That this lively, clear-thinking woman is now dead of an alleged suicide is raising a lot of questions, and revealing a lot about a place where, among other things, blacks and whites are in segregated graveyards.


Until Amerikkka can show me otherwise #BlackLivesMatter #SandySpeaks

Posted by Sandra Bland on Wednesday, April 8, 2015








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