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JUNE 16, 2015




fashion 04

Amelia Um and

Babiche Papaya

Feature in Fashion Film

‘Citizens of The World:


fashion 03

Rwandan-German sisters, filmmaker Amelia Um and performance artist Babiche Papaya, star in fashion designer Aaron Nachtailers’s new film project ‘Citizens of the World: Berlin’. The sister’s are currently collaborating together in Amelia’s production ‘Polygot‘, a web series exploring identity and race in Berlin. Babiche plays the lead role.

For the ‘Citizens of the World: Berlin project, the ladies are seen traveling around the German capital of Berlin sporting looks from Aaron Nachtailer’s 2015 Remix collection.

Argentinian designer Aaron Nachtailer who is known for for infusing hiphop and urban infuses into his past collections, opted for a creative nomadic look for his Remix 2015, which while maintain originality, is adaptable to ‘different individuals, situations and culture’.

To learn more, visit: the Aaron Nachtailer Facebook page.









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