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FEBRUARY 9, 2015




Watch This.

Honoring Black

Sci-Fi Authors.

Now and Then.


When there were people of color in these books, they were in the background or they died quickly. — any number of other stereotypes. For the most part, they just weren’t there. In Octavia Butler’s works they not were there — they were prominent, they were protagonists. The world looked like the world I actually saw around me. This short clip was posted by Open Road Media last fall. It features interviews with black science-fiction authors N.K. Jemisin, Samuel R. Delany, Walter Mosley, as well, Jamie Adoff, son of Virginia Hamilton. 

Here are a few clips from the 1992 documentary Black Sci-fi, by filmmaker Terrence Francis, featuring interviews with Octavia Butler, Samuel R. Delany, Nichelle Nichols, and many more.





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