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JULY 7, 2013



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Watch the trailer for M.I.A.’s controversial unreleased documentary

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This is what happened to a kid whose dad went off and became a terrorist.” Steve Loveridge just uploaded a trailer for his M.I.A. documentary that according to M.I.A. has been blacklisted. From his tumblr:

I get an email every few weeks from Rocnation or Interscope saying it’s all going to start up again, but then nothing.

This was a teaser from 2012 to show Interscope what the film would feel like.

Reblog the shit out of this and maybe they’ll wake up…

The controversial documentary explores the life and career of M.I.A. and her upbringing including thoughts on her terrorist father. It features thoughts from Spike Jonze, Kanye West and more.

M.I.A. had this to say on twitter:

mia tweet 

Watch below:

UPDATE: After being pulled from the internet we now have another upload of the video:



OCTOBER 31, 2012


mia 04

Video: See the trailer for

M.I.A. ‘The Book’

M.I.A. is now available in printed form

“M.I.A.” is a documentation of musician M.I.A.’s entire visual output and a telling of her story in collages, photos, and prints from her early years in art school at Central Saint Martins London through to her hugely successful three albums, mixtapes, and live performances at PS1 MoMA, Coachella, various exhibitions, installations, and music video shoots.

Watch a trailer for her new book simply titled The Book below:

The Book is available for purchase here








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