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Paris Surrender…
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Liner notes for this mix are brought to you by my brother and friend Asadullah Saed Muhammad. His words speak truth to heart. Authenticity meets history for a future of honesty and peace.

I want to love 
Love you like Mother 
Introduced me to her 
As soon as I saw you 
Touch you like 
Black power 
Touched me 
Pick the cotton out your mind 
And make a cloth of you 
West africa and detroit 
Your smile 
Make your day 
With your words 
Write me a poem for me 
And hand you my art 
Coloring in chakras 
I met you today 
You broke my record. 
-asadullah saed

Intro: Who Wants to get Free–Paris Hatcher 

1. “Chicago Theme” Glenn Underground 

2. “We can Change this World” DJ Spinna feat Heavy (Yoruba Soul Mix) 

3. “Feel Love” (Nortenshun Vocal Mix) Ultra Nate 

4. “Nowhere” (I Can Go) Clara Hill Atjazz mix 

5. “Papawenda” Fabio Genito 

6. “Wathula Nje” Black Coffee 

7. “After the Club” Tommy Bones 

8. No Way” Osunlade 

9. “Here Comes the Sun” Nina Simone (Francois K mix) 

10. Fugama Unamathe (Culoe De Song Serenity Mix) 

11. “Real World” (MAW w Vikter Duplait) 

12. “Put it On” Atjazz feat Ernesto (Osunlade mix) 

13. HIya Kaya Kentphonic (Rocco Deep mix) 

14. “I Love the Night” Raw Artistic Soul (Rocco and C Robert Walker) 

15. “Broken Vibes” Taylor McFarrin




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